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Picked Up For Murder, Then Cleared And Let Go

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(Memphis) Sting Webb is mourning the loss of her 15-year-old son after a family feud with a landlord.

“I want to know why. Why is she walking free and my son is dead for no reason”, Webb asked.

Amika McGaughy is accused by the family, of shooting the teenage boy.

Police bought it, at first.

They hand cuffed her, brought her downtown, but then let her go.

“The child who got killed, his uncle shot him in the back of the head not me”, said McGaughy.  “I never had a gun, I don't own a gun, I never killed anyone.”

She did evict the dead teen's sister and says ever since it's been trouble.

McGaughy said the teen, and a pack of other men showed up firing shots Monday, not her, “I ran and I called 911. I never left out of my house until the police got there."

People like Dewayne McKissack still swear she did it, but did admit the teen went there, angry, “I was just trying to meet up with him to tell him, don't go around there”."

While we interviewed the teen’s father, his uncle walked up and beat the dad for no apparent reason.

Hours later, we saw more violence before our eyes.

Police rushed in as a pack of the teen’s family members closed in on the landlord.

She was trying to clean the house yet again, when they came up.

Someone in the crowd even threatened to shoot the police for interfering.

An officer lost his cool and cursed them repeatedly, but promised that landlord they had her back.