Teen Caught in Crossfire While Adults Argue

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(Memphis) An argument between adults reportedly led to a 15-year-old's death.

Witnesses say the ten left school, and was on his bike at the intersection of Spottswood and Pendleton while his mother was arguing with a woman who lived at a home near the intersection.

“The kids pointed her out. They said she just come out the house and started firing real wild”, said Joseph Russell.

The shots hit the 15-year-old, killing him right in front of a small church.

“It was terrifying, it was horrible”, said Belinda Stevens.  “I just got off work and as soon as I pull up I seen this it makes you want to keep your kids in the house.”

The shooting happened in a busy area, dozens of people say they saw it. They were angry at the woman who pulled the trigger and also upset with police.  They say officers tossed the boy's mother aside, pulling her from the boy’s body.

“They slam this lady on the car with no remorse or nothing”, said Russell.

Officers likely were unsure at that point if the woman bent over the body was in fact the shooter.

Police handcuffed and took away the woman who the witnesses say fired those shots.

Police have not said why these two adults were fighting in the first place.