Short Track Tornado Leaves Its Mark In Panola County

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(Pope, Ms) The National Weather Service says an F2 tornado touched down Saturday night near Pope, Mississippi.

It only lasted about two minutes, but flattened everything in its track.

Jim Prevallet had just gotten out of his truck and walked inside his house when the tornado hit right behind his home, "It was like a vacuum. It pressurized the house. I came outside a few minutes and everything was gone."

His workshop and his barn were left in pieces, an RV was tossed across his property, and the truck he had been driving was upside down in a tree.

"That got me when I saw the truck," said Prevallet.

The National Weather Services estimates the peak wind of the tornado was around 112 mph.

Prevallet lost nearly 50 trees and says just about every piece of equipment on his property was damaged.

Dorothy Pickett and her husband live next door and got lucky.

They only lost a small section of their roof and some damage to some sheds.

"I had my grandson and I was just trying to keep him calm," said Pickett.

Despite the mess on his property, Prevallet is just grateful the twister missed his house.