Trumann, AR Boy Recovering After Falling Into Hole 20-Feet Deep

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(Trumann, AR) An 11-year old Trumann, Arkansas boy is recovering after falling into a hole 20-feet deep.

Three boys with him ran for help when their friend became trapped.

Reportedly, the youngsters crawled through a locked fence to do some exploring at an abandoned water treatment plant.

Trumann Fire Department Captain David Hicks says the 11-year old boy and three friends were inside a small building at the old Trumann Water and Sewer Treatment plant, "He is a very, very lucky child to be alive. If he had not had friends with him, we would have never found him."

Sunday afternoon, the youngster fell about twenty feet into what David Hicks described as a water pipe access hole, "It had metal grates on the top of it, but there was only two grates left on it. And the child said he was there, looking down when he fell."

The boy, whose name has not been released, suffered a broken leg, broken ankle, cuts and bruises.

Three other boys with him ran for help.

Sharron Morris is still very upset over what happened, "They went and told his parents and then went back over there where he was at. Cause the little boy who fell in the hole didn't want them to leave him at all."

Firefighters, paramedics and police were able to reach the boy,  who was crying and in pain.

David Hicks is also the athletic coordinator for Trumann's schools and knew the little boy, "He said, 'hey I know you.' And that's when I said, 'yes sir.' He quit crying for a minute, he was talking  and we got down and talked to him. And then he started complaining about his leg and his knee and his hip."

After securing the boy's neck, rescuers lifted him out of the hole on a spine board in a team effort made up of firefighters, paramedics and police, "He was out of the hole and on the chopper in less than eight minutes, ten minutes max."

Meantime, Sharron Morris says she now has very strict orders for her son, "Don't ever go back down there again...never."

We talked with people living near the old treatment plant, who say they have seen youngsters on the abandoned property before.

It's unclear if the boy is still at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.