Trees, Power Lines Down in Fayette County After Severe Weather

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(Fayette County, TN) – Severe weather rips through Fayette County leaving damage to homes, power lines and trees.

John Childress is shocked by punch severe weather packs. High winds, maybe even a tornado, sent a piece of wood through his front door, to his living room floor.

“It was definitely a scary moment,” said Childress.

It all started when Childress and his family stepped outside to take pictures of the lighting in the clouds. He says it began to rain and then the winds rushed in.

“So the next thing you know, I heard hail and I was like 'oh we need to get into the bathroom’,” said Childress. “We got into the bathroom and everyone's ear pressure was getting pretty bad. We just huddled up in the bathroom and next thing we know it was over with.”

Childress came outside to find that high winds destroyed the trees and powers lines along Belmont road in Fayette County.

Crews spent the early part of the morning clearing Old Fifty Nine Drive of fallen trees. The Fayette County Sheriff's Office says despite all of the storm damage only one person suffered a cut to the head.

“We had that one minor injury, but we're told there are no fatalities and no serious injuries,” said Inspector Ray Garcia.

The sheriff's office says a barn was destroyed and scattered throughout the area. Thankfully, homes suffered only minor damage and no one was put out of their house because of storm damage.

Childress says this is a severe weather outbreak that could have ended much worse, leaving him counting his blessings, “I didn't expect all this to happen tonight.”