Brothers Travel from Vancouver Island to Cheer on Grizzlies

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(Memphis) Ryan and Colby Babcock traveled from Vancouver Island, more than 2500 hundred miles , to see the Grizzles play in the Grindhouse for games three and four.

“We took the ferry over, that`s a two hour boat ride. We drove two three hours down to Seattle, caught our flight out of Seattle, got to Nashville Sunday morning,” said Colby Babcock.

The duo has been part of Grizz Nation since the team was in Vancouver.

“I watched them on TV, went to an open practice back in the day,” said Colby Babcock.
Even when the team left in 2001, the Babcock Brothers remained true fans.

“It was tough seeing them go,” said Colby Babcock.

“I don`t switch allegiances,” said Ryan Babcock.

They can`t catch all the games in Vancouver, but kept up with the standings. At the start of the season, the brothers said they wanted to see the Grizzlies in person at a playoff game.

“As the soon standings were set, we said lets go for it,” said Ryan Babcock.

But a trip all the way to Memphis is hard to plan for, the Grizzlies playoff schedule wasn`t set until a couple weeks ago.

“Its kind of costly, but it`s a once in a lifetime obscure fun trip. It’s been awesome,” said Ryan Babcock.

Randomly on Beale, the brothers met Grizzlies staff who hooked them up with a tour of the forum. They also got to put out growl towels on the seats in the arena; that made cheering on the Grizz in a crowd of other fans, even more special.

“It was electric for sure, everybody was hyped up,” said Ryan Babcock.