Badmouthing Memphis Angers Mayor

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(MEMPHIS) The Ponzianis are visiting the area this weekend and fortunately not reading a lot of papers or billboards.

There are placards around the city saying “Enter at your own risk” They’re paid for by the Memphis Police Association who is angry about less cash for cops.

“We're trying to hire police officers now, and we can't hire qualified individuals to come here”, said Police Association President, Michael Williams, in an interview earlier this week.

Mix in a commentary from a Los Angeles Times writer calling our city a rathole and there’s tension. The writer, who’s taken jabs at us before, points to the billboards as proof he’s not just sore over the Grizzlies beating the Clippers.

“Had the billboards not been up there, he wouldn't have anything to talk about”, said Mayor A C Wharton.  “We're not going to focus on some guy in LA when the situation is right here in Memphis, Tennessee”.

Wharton said it's all a slap in the face to people struggling to get by.

“The person who goes to work at night to wait table, (who is) depending on tourists to come in here and we got someone up there saying don't come in here”, said Wharton