Car Sharing Starts In Memphis

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(Memphis) Memphis joins a short list of cities around the world to put a new spin on what it means to car pool.

The City of Memphis and car sharing company, Zipcar revved up a new partnership Thursday.

The city is encouraging Memphians to use the service, but the city didn’t dish out any money and is not getting paid any money for Zipcar to be here.

“We’re giving them four parking spaces for three years. If it’s successful, they will stay here, if it’s not, it will go away,” said City Councilman Myron Lowery.

Lowery hopes it will help save people who don't use cars very often money when it comes to parking, gas and maintenance, “This is a wonderful amenity for anyone in the city, especially our downtowners."

Here’s how it works: You pay an application fee of 25 dollars, an annual membership fee of 60 dollars and then after that its 7.50 an hour.

When you need to use the car, make a reservation online and then go to where the car is parked with your personal Zipcard, which is the only way to unlock the car.

Once inside, the key is on a tether for you to use.

Paul Morris with the Downtown Memphis Commission believes it also helps the city with mass transit and go green, “One Zipcar takes up to 15 cars on the road. It helps with the environment and congestion."

The men aren't sure if Zipcars will catch on, calling Memphis a car-centric town, but they hope the idea does.