Beale Business Could Double Because of Playoffs

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(Memphis) The typical rush for Beale Street businesses lasts about two hours, but on a Grizzlies playoff game day like today it’s more like eight hours.

“It’s huge! Not only for Beale Street but for all of downtown.  Whether you’re a hotel, or a cab or a carriage driver, or restaurants on South Main,” said Beale Street Merchants Association President Ty Agee.

Beale Street Merchant’s association president Ty Agee says many restaurants like his Miss Polly’s double their profits on playoff game days.

Agee says the exposure Memphis gets has an impact on tourism and business for months to come.

“When you have these national games like this they will pop those shots down Beale Street and there is no way to put a price on the advertising of them flashing all of our signs showing everything going on in the entertainment district,” said Agee.

Marlin Lock came all the way from Wisconsin for tonight’s game.

He is friends with Grizzlies point guard Keyon Dooling and says the FedEx forum is the perfect place for a game.

“I’ve never seen a facility where they had as soon as you leave the game you are right in the business district. It’s unbelievable. I think it’s a great opportunity for everybody,” said Lock.