Park Robbery Person of Interest Released

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(Memphis) Shelby County Sheriff's Office investigators have released a person of interest in two armed robberies at Shelby Farms park Tuesday evening.

Around 7 Tuesday evening a woman reported she was robbed at gunpoint. A second woman reported a similar incident. Investigators say jewelry and phones were taken from the women.

For several hours Tuesday night deputies searched a wooded area while helicopters searched from above. They found a man, but after questioning he was released.

"You can’t carry a gun here, that’s why the robbers come here. This is where you get unarmed victims," said park runner Chris Coleman.

"I expect to be robbed anywhere in town, that’s why I have these dogs with me. Until they run into one of those people who is armed and shoots back, that’s when it gets corrected," added Coleman.

Park goers said Wednesday they will have to keep their guard up until a suspect is in custody.

"You got to get out. Life goes on but still what do you do about it," said Douglas Tidwell.

Memphis Police is investigating two similar armed robberies at a nearby apartment complex.