Can A Shote Insert Make A Difference For Your Aching Feet?

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Donna Taggart has been suffering from foot pain for several years.

She finally invested in some custom-made orthopedic inserts, and they made a big difference.

Her problem is that the inserts only fit one specific pair of shoes.

She is looking for an alternative product to use when she wants to wear other shoes.

We gave her "Strutz" to try.

It is a $10 product that claims to absorb the shock that your feet endure throughout the day, and in the process eliminate your foot pain.

Donna tried using "Strutz" for three days, but she noticed several problems after wearing them for a little more than an hour on that first day.

Her feet were swollen and she was in even more pain than before.

Donna believes that the large size of her foot caused the "Strutz" band to restrict her blood flow and that's what caused them to swell.

She also said that the "Strutz" exercised her foot muscle, which led to more pain and discomfort.

She believes that "Strutz" will work for someone with an average sized foot and minor foot pain, but for her it wasn't able to get the job done.

"Strutz" you FAIL our "Does it Work?" test.

We purchased "Strutz" at Walgreens for $10.99

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