Trash Piling Up During Sanitation Strike

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(Memphis) It's been more than a week since Republic sanitation workers went on strike and now people are saying the garbage is piling up.

The homes on Brady Hollow in Cordova have missed service for two weeks.

Manny Vargas moved into his house a couple of weeks ago and now boxes are taking over, “We've got nowhere to put our trash, to make our house look presentable to our guests."

He is just one of the many people frustrated as the sanitation union renegotiates its contract with Republic Services over things like start-time and pensions.

On average, Republic sanitation drivers make $58,000 a year.

“I'm not too fond of it,” said Vargas. “At the same time you have police officers and fire fighters getting cuts and you don't see them going on strike. They're still doing what they're supposed to do.”

The trash is backing up downtown too, where one apartment complex sent out an email asking its residents not to bring down any more trash until its trash room has been emptied.

“There may be a delay but we will service all of our customers,” said a recorded message on Republic’s main phone number. The company says it can't say when it will get to its customers, but everyone hopes its sooner than later.

The union went back to the table with the company Wednesday morning to continue its negotiations.