No Customer Files Taken In Jackson Hewitt Break-In’s

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(Memphis) Police say two former Jackson Hewitt employees were behind seven break-ins at offices in Memphis last week.

Investigators said 39-nine-year-old Demeta Dimming and 37-year-old Tammy Hurst used a master-key to get inside the businesses and stole close to $1,4000.

The burglaries happened between April 14 and April 15.

Police haven't said what led them to Dimming and Hurst, but said both admitted to committing the burglaries.

Company officials wouldn't answer our question about what happened, but did release a statement.

"Jackson Hewitt Tax Service has been working with local authorities and is pleased the alleged perpetrators of the Memphis office break-ins are now in custody. There is no indication that any customer files were taken."

Dimming has three prior arrests for theft.

Dimming and Hurst are charged with seven counts of burglary.