FBI: No Ricin Link To Corinth Man

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(Oxford, MS) Weekend searches involving ricin suspect Kevin Curtis have turned up much little more than circumstantial evidence.

Certainly there’s no evidence of ricin or the equipment to make it.

Evidence is so thin, a former FBI Agent here says there’s almost no case.

So far, searches over the weekend involving the Corinth home of Kevin Curtis and his Ford Escape have turned up no conclusive proof he sent letters laced with ricin to President Obama, Senator Wicker and a Lee County Justice Judge.

”Last night we found out conclusively, late yesterday evening, that the searches basically revealed nothing. So at that point my question to the government is, are you all really gonna proceed on this"? asked defense attorney Christi McCoy.

The government’s answer was yes, and that means extra care in building their case against Curtis, a part-time Elvis impersonator.

Questioning of the FBI agent in charge stretched into a second day, "Yes and maybe that’s atypical but this in not your typical case" said assistant U.S. Attorney Chad Lamar.

The FBI has combed Curtis’ past more than 15 years deep, looking for anything that might be of value.

So far, they’ve not found any more on Curtis than you’d expect to find on the average person.

Relatives say investigators did find a fingerprint on one of the letters, a piece of evidence that points to someone else

"That fingerprint does not belong to my brother, Ken Curtis," said Jack Curtis.

To whom does it belong? That we don’t yet know.

The FBI agent in charge seems confident the bureau has its man, but so far, the evidence to keep him locked up, much less charge Kevin Curtis seems thin for now.

Court resumes at 9 Tuesday morning.

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