Dive Team Searches For Missing Teacher From Germantown

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(Memphis) - Germantown Police have turned their search for the missing mother and teacher from land to water.

A Shelby County Sheriff's Office dive team spent the day searching ponds in Germantown close to where Heather Palumbo-Jones disappeared.

It's a missing person’s case where everyone seems to fear the worst. That includes investigators who are leaving no stone unturned in the search for Jones.

It was an unusual sight for a Sunday afternoon in a quiet Germantown park on new Riverdale Road; scuba divers searching the bottom of a fishing pond.

“It was very weird to see it,” said Reut Kabel, who brought her son to the park to play. “We come here every day and never seen anything like that.”

Sources close to investigation say the search is connected to the missing mother and teacher, Heather Palumbo-Jones.

“Everywhere you go people are talking about it,” said Kabel. “It's scary.”

Jones disappeared almost one week ago on Monday. Her estranged husband Chris Jones says he saw Heather that night, and that the two got into an argument, but he denied any connection to her disappearance.

“There is no way I've ever put my hands on her or ever would put my hands on her,” he told News Channel 3 on Friday. “I've wanted nothing but reconciliation since the day this started.”

He’s talking about their divorce, where in court this last week he admitted to forging his wife's name for the utility company. Outside the courtroom, he showed News Channel 3 what he claims is the last correspondence from her, an email saying, “I cannot face everyone with this. Please forgive me, it is too much. Please raise (the children) to remember me as their loving mommy.”

But Heather’s friends are not buying it.

“If she was on the run like he is trying to say she is, she has a few people she can trust,” said Ed Raulerson on Friday, “[and no one has heard from her].”

In the hour-long search of the pond, divers came up with nothing more than a doormat. People, like Kabel, are glad that’s all they found.

“There is still the hope you know. The hope is very important.”

Divers also searched a pond along Poplar Avenue across from Jones' Germantown house but found nothing there. If you know anything about Heather's disappearance, call the Germantown Police Department.