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Man Accused of Sending Tainted Letters Faces Judge

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(Oxford, MS) A Corinth man accused of sending toxic letters to the President, a Mississippi Senator and a state court judge will head back to court on Monday.

Attorneys for the U.S. government and those representing Kevin Curtis argued for three hours on Friday. They're trying to decide if he should be allowed to go home or stay in jail until a trial.

Curtis' family walked out of a federal courthouse Friday, convinced he didn't send letters filled with the deadly poison ricin to lawmakers.

Curtis' daughter borrowed a classmates car and drove three hours to make sure she could hear for herself why her father was being charged.

"It's not my dad. I wasn't there but I have faith in my dad. I've never heard him talk about doing anything like that," Madison Curtis said.

The US government believes he did. At the bottom of the threatening letter, whoever sent it signed "I'm KC and I approve this message".

Investigators put together a list of about 1000 people who could have signed the letter KC, They narrowed it down to 100 who could have sent the letter from Memphis. They then pinpointed the Elvis impersonator after googling parts of the letter--- the lines matched his Facebook posts.

"If you were going to send something and put your initials and your quote I approve this message that sounds like come get me I'm your man. My brother is not that stupid," says Paul Curtis.

During the hearing, federal investigators searched Curtis' Corinth home for anything linking him to making ricin.

Curtis' brother Paul says the father of four may be be opinionated, but would never do anything to harm politicians.

"I have told him to quit emailing all this stuff but he strongly believes He has the right," Paul Curtis says.

US attorneys painted Curtis as mentally disturbed and violent.

Madison stands by her dad and his innocence

"He is not crazy we have had family feuds, but I don't know who hasn't."

Curtis' hearing continues on Monday. By then, we should know if investigators found anything in his home.

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