Family Now Says Purse Not Holly Bobo’s

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Update) The TBI now says a purse found by a dog did not belong to Holly Bobo.

The TBI told us Bobo’s mother now says the purse did not belong to her daugher, “Earlier she identified it via photograph as being Holly’s. Today she says it’s not Holly’s.”

(Decatur County) A possible break in the case of missing nursing student Holly Bobo. A new search was launched Thursday morning in Decatur County after a dog discovered what is believed to be Holly’s purse.

“Everyday is difficult when you have a family member missing and we believe we are a day closer to finding her,” Pastor Don Franks said.

The family's pastor said the renewed hope came Thursday morning when TBI started a massive search about a mile from Holly's home. Investigators searched an area of Box road in Darden, adjacent to Holly’s home.

The search was prompted by the discovery of a purse found a by dog in the area.

While the Bobo family's spokesperson tells News Channel 3 they haven't seen the purse, or been contacted by TBI, TBI said they have reason to believe the purse could be Holly's.

“I’m glad they found the purse, I hope they find her,” neighbor Ima Dickerson said.

Like family, neighbors are also hopeful this new piece of possible evidence brings answers.

“I think whoever done it knows there way around here,” Dickerson said.

It has been two years since Holly's brother watched her go into the woods with a man dressed in camouflage.

While Thursday’s search brings hope for family, they won’t rest until Holly comes home.

“They wake up every morning hoping and praying this will be the day when they'll find their Holly and they go to bed disappointed every evening because she hasn't been found,” Franks said.

Franks said his church continues to search for Holly. He said every Saturday for the last two years a group has held a search.

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