Neighbors Say Ricin Suspect Held Extreme Views

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(Corinth, MS) Paul Kevin Curtis who lived in a public housing Corinth apartment told those who knew him he wanted to get the attention of the world, even though neighbors who lived near him these last few months barely knew him.

"I actually only spoke to him one time. He introduced himself and come to find out I'm actually the only person over here that's actually ever spoke to him," said Lacey Ross

Curtis, an Elvis impersonator, was arrested in Corinth but those who knew him best lived in nearby Booneville, which is where neighbors say they thought he still lived.

Mike Hopkins showed us the house where he said Curtis lived with his wife and four kids.

He says he's not surprised at Curtis' arrest, "The man to me seems like he's just not balanced or something."

On his Facebook page, Curtis posts anti-government sayings.

He claims a hospital where he once worked as a janitor sells body parts on the black market.

These are allegations Hopkins heard before, " Some of the neighbors that was his friends, he would say that the FBI was after him. The CIA was after him."

However, not all of Curtis' Booneville neighbors think Curtis is capable of sending the toxic ricin in the mail to President Obama and U.S. Senator Roger Wicker.

"I really don't think he did it. I've known him 15 years. I used to sing with him . He wouldn't do it," said Barry Pardue, Booneville neighbor.

Pardue believes Curtis is being set up, "I don't believe he did it. I've known him for years. I don't think he would. He's not a violent person or anything like that."

However, even this friend admits Curtis' views are sometimes extreme.

"He's kind of harmless. He's maybe a conspiracy theorist kind of. I'm sure you heard the deal with the Tupelo hospital what he said about finding body parts in the morgue," said Pardue.

If convicted, Curtis faces 15 years in prison.