Midtown Burglar Caught In Act

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(Memphis)  A man, who police say burglarized three homes in Midtown in one day, was busted when a homeowner caught him in the act.

Kevin Johnson is now in police custody for aggravated burglary.

One of the women targeted by the burglar had almost $10,000 worth of jewelry stolen.

She told us she was relieved to get it all  back from police Tuesday night.

A cracked door frame shows where the burglar tried to pry his way in, but police say when the criminal made it into the Harbert Avenue house, the homeowner was there to greet him.

“I hope Scottie took care of business if he found someone coming in his house,” said Next Door Neighbor Ira Woodfin.

Woodfin hadn't heard about the incident until Wednesday but other neighbors have already been concerned about the string of burglaries in Midtown.

“My wife is petrified,” said Resident Tony Kaizer.  “She’s afraid that somebody is going to come in on her.”

Police say on Tuesday,  21-Year-Old Kevin Johnson first hit a town home on Harbert, stealing a dell computer, then went to a condo on Peabody Ave and pocketed almost $10,000 worth of jewelry.

His last stop of the day was back on Harbert, where, after prying the door open on a house, he came face to face with the homeowner.

“Pretty scary,” said Kaizer.

But Instead of panicking, police say the man called authorities and told them what kind of car the suspect was driving.

Just a short time later, officers spotted him.

Police say the stolen jewelry and the computer were in plain sight inside his car.

“So evidently they've caught the guy who`s doing it,” said Kaizer.

Johnson’s now locked-up but his situation might be even worse had he messed with the wrong house in Midtown.

“It would be a life-death situation,” said Woodfin.  “You want to protect your home.”

Johnson’s bail is set at $50,000.