Memphis Lawmakers Support Right to Use EBT at Strip Clubs and Liquor Stores

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(Memphis) Tennessee state lawmakers are restricting where people who use government EBT cards can spend that money.

Pretty soon, strip clubs, liquor stores and casinos will be off-limits.

The only two lawmakers in the state house and senate who don’t support banning EBT cards from liquor stores, strip clubs and casinos are Memphis Democrats G.A. Hardaway and Johnnie Turner.

The bill also bans the use of an EBT card at an ATM in those places.

Representative Johnnie Turner tells me she doesn’t think people should use EBT cards in those places, but she also doesn’t think the state should tell you where to use your card, and in her mind there are already too many restrictive rules.

“Farmers who get subsidies and the other companies who get subsidies and yet, they can go down and lose a fortune and no one says anything about that. There are just too many bills that are being presented to target the poor,” said Turner.

Turner says the state is trying to micro manage the system which she doesn’t like.

Representative G.A Hardaway says the state is trying to correct a problem that hasn't been properly documented and there isn't enough proof that people are actually using their EBT cards at these locations.

He also said you can buy food at casinos.

Hardaway says it's time to improve the technology so cards can't be used at ATMs and the cash could then be used on anything.

WREG’s Political commentator Otis Sanford says the stand probably won’t impact Turner an Hardaway’s support at home.

“I just think that the voters see them as being more involved in other issues that impact them such as bringing jobs into the community and education,” said Sanford.

That bill now has to be approved by the governor before it becomes a law.