Two Women Running 26.2 Miles for Boston

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(Memphis) Many are taking moments out of their day to pray for Boston.

Others are planning to run.

In fact, two Memphis runners say they will run a full marathon this Sunday in honor of those in Boston.

“So, our next 26.2 is going to be this weekend,” said Angela Qudrani.

For some, 26.2 miles is way too many but for Angela Qudrani and Shawn Ware, it’s not enough.

“This is a lifestyle, this is a passion, this is a dream,” said Qudrani.

A full marathon won't bring back the dreams shattered and the lives lost.

“To just take that away,” said Qudrani.

“By something so heartless,” said Ware.

They say running with purpose can help

“Running for Boston,” said Ware.

This Sunday, the two runners plan to log 26.2 miles in honor of all those who couldn't finish the race in Massachusetts because of a terrorist attack.

“It just blew me away,” said Qudrani.  “It really did.”

It was Angela's idea.

She posted the thought on Facebook: "why not run in their honor?"  That idea took off.

“I figured I could mention it on my Facebook page and literally got 2 thousand viral hits,” said Ware.

Now, thousands of people around Memphis, around the nation want to run with them.

“Asking if maybe it could be a virtual race,” said Ware.  “People just have huge hearts.”

They want to run, not for the challenge of 26.2 miles, but for Boston.

If you want to join them for a few miles or for the full marathon, the women haven’t nailed down a location yet but you can keep informed by clicking this link: