Students Lobby Council for Sidewalks Near School

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(Memphis) - Sylvia Pruitt and her grandchildren have to walk on the side of the road, because on the part of Corning Street near their home there are no sidewalks.

“By the corner store we walk in the street,” Corning Elementary third grader Markelya Smith said.

More than 100 children walk this way to and from Corning Elementary everyday.

With cars speeding by teachers volunteer to walk the kids a half mile home, putting their own lives at risk.

“A car almost hit a teacher," Smith said."So I was scared and she was scared too."

Tuesday three children and their principal pleaded their case to the Memphis City Council to get more sidewalks, speed bumps, and a crossing guard.

“We need sidewalks so the students don`t have to cross the streets themselves,” 10-year-old Corey Pride said.”I see cars they speed down the hill. I always think one is going to roll past us and hit someone.”

Councilman Lee Harris agrees that it is dangerous.

”I have a police report that said a juvenile was injured in the street,” he said. “So we have police reports on that kind of stuff. It is a hefty price tag to correct it but what else are we going to spend money on?”

That price tag $650,000.

Harris said it’s worth it and parents agree.

“They need to do it immediately because they can get hit or anything,” Sylvia Pruitt said.

This item was for discussion Tuesday on the agenda. Council will take it up again in two to four weeks.