Suburbs Move Toward Fall 2014 Opening for Schools

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(Memphis) Suburban mayors say they are moving forward with plans to open schools by August of 2014.

Of course that depends on the governor signing a state-wide municipal school bill into law.

You could call it a case of deja vu.

Lawmakers in Nashville signing off on a plan letting cities in Shelby County open their own school district.

The difference this time is the bill applies to every county across the state not just Shelby County.

“We would start the ordinance piece as early as our next meeting. So the earliest would be the end of April and the latest would be the first meeting in May that we would have our ordinances ready,” said Bartlett Mayor Keith McDonald.

Mayor McDonald says he expects voters will approve the schools again mid-summer, and school board members couple be elected around September.

Each district would have a full year to hire superintendents and plan for the opening of schools.

As far as how these schools will be paid for is different for each municipality.

McDonald says the tax increases voters approved last year still apply so people won't have to vote on that again unless the suburbs need more money.

Arlington Mayor Mike Wissman says Arlington should be covered because last year they approved a sales tax and property tax hike to fund suburban schools.

Germantown and Collierville say they do not expect to raise property taxes because of schools.