MidSoutherners At Boston Marathon When Bombs Exploded

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(Memphis One of the MidSoutherners who ran the Boston Marathon Monday says she is still shaking by what she saw and heard.

Angie Zinkus of Eads had finished the run when the first explosion went off.

She was actually headed to the airport.

She says everything turned chaotic.

Seth Regenold, of Memphis was there too.

He was in the post-race greeting area about two blocks from the explosion, when he heard the blast.

Angie and Seth are both OK, but described the terror.

“The only way I can describe it is mass hysteria. People were running. I saw mothers with babies in strollers. I saw people just grabbing their kids and grabbing each other and running away from the situation,” says Zinkus.

“We were in the family meeting area about a block or so away from the finish line and heard two consecutive explosions.They almost sounded like low fireworks.  No one knew what was going on. There was a lot of confusion and answers no one had,” says Regenold.

Both say the marathon had tons of people, especially at the finish line, where a lot of spectators gather and where one of the blasts went off.

We are told there were several runners from Memphis, Germantown, and Arlington taking part in the Boston Marathon.

Angie Zinkus says as far as she knows most of them are accounted for.

Of course we will keep you posted on any news we found out about MidSoutherners at the race.