Family Vows Action after 20-Year-Old Killed in Street Race

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(Memphis) A 20-year-old was killed while drag racing down a city street near the airport.

Two other racers are charged in his death. The victim's family is outraged that police are not doing more to try to stop these illegal street races.

“It’s going to stop one way or the other,” said Harold Moore, whose son died early Sunday morning while street racing.  “If the city doesn't stop it, I'll stop it. I'll block this whole road off. I don't care.”

Moore does not want it to happen to somebody else, “I'm just tired of all this going on out here. My son was 20-years-old. He just started his life and now it’s over with.”

Memphis Police say Jessie Moore had just finished a race in his Honda Civic and was turning around when another car, barreling down Air Park Street in a different race t-boned Moore's car. Harold says his son was killed instantly.

“Everybody makes mistakes, but I didn't know he was out here street racing like this.”

Police say the Ford Mustang that hit Moore's car was doing two and a half times the 30-MPH posted speed limit; 75 miles per hour.

“This is ridiculous because they should not be racing,” said Gail Brooks, the victim’s aunt. “It’s going to cost someone else their life if they don't get it stopped.”

Two different drivers face charges. One driver, police say, is 20-year-old Christopher Loftis. His car was sideswiped during the accident.

The man driving the mustang that hit Moore, Ontario Brown, is still at the hospital. Both men are charged with Vehicular Homicide, Drag Racing, and Reckless Driving, but for Harold there is still no justice, “It still don't bring my son back.”