Cement Truck Crushes Two Cars, Killing One Woman

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(Memphis) An investigation is underway in an accident between two cars and a cement truck. The crash left one woman dead.

Memphis Police say the cement truck lost control and flipped, crushing two cars.

With two cars involved in this horrific wreck, two different families showed up, one grieving the loss of a loved one, while the other was thankful theirs was still alive.

The tragic accident showed the sheer force of a cement truck out of control.

It nearly leveled two cars in a crash on Third Street Saturday afternoon. People are shocked it wasn’t worse.

“Rest in peace to the lady that died, but only one person died and there were several people in the cars,” said Shanta Brooks.

Memphis Police say it all started when a funeral procession on Shelby Drive brought traffic to a sudden stop.

“Everybody could see that the truck could not stop,” said John McGhee. “He was on his brakes and that was what caused the cement to shift in the truck and caused it to fall over.”

The truck landed on the back of two vehicles, one a red truck, killing a 49-year-old woman sitting in its backseat. Her family and friends showed up to the crash site but were too shaken up to talk.

On the other hand, a man who owns the other car in the wreck is relieved. His son and grandson were inside.

“Once I got to the scene and saw how bad it was, I told him he had angels riding with him in the car,” said Joe Pulliam.

The entire backseat of Pulliam's silver Maxima is gone. They were able to get out and walk away with only minor injuries.

“It could have been one of my family members,” said Pulliam. “The way that car looked, they came close to death.”

The cement truck driver is being ticketed for not maintaining control of his truck. Police say if they find negligence, he could be charged with more. That's all still under investigation.

As for the woman who died, her name has not yet been released.