Road Rage Suspect Shot By Police “Paranoid”

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(Memphis) We now know more about the man police shot and killed at Interstate 40 & Sycamore View after a road rage incident.

Family members say he was mentally ill and that may be the reason he acted erratically the night of the shooting.

“He had a bad, bad, bad case of paranoia schizophrenia. He was a very bad case of it,” said Miranda Bearden, ex sister-in-law.

Daniel Brock was Bearden’s brother-in-law.

He and her sister divorced but she says Brock and the family were still close.

She saw him the day before the shooting, “He took me and my girlfriend out to eat.”

She said he was rational then, but had an ongoing battle with mental illness.

His Facebook posts show some of his thoughts.

She said, “He was always paranoid.”

This wasn’t Brock’s first encounter with police.

He went to prison for attempted murder after a 1999 arrest.

Then, he shot at police and injured a convenience store clerk.

Bearden says he spent part of his sentence at a mental facility, “When he went in he had a wife and kids and a mother. When he came out he had nothing. They just turned him to the streets and he should have probably been helped through hospitals or something."

The night Brock was shot, he was reportedly spitting on the road rage victims and beating on their car.

When they drove to a police station for help, he followed them.

Officers on the scene say after they got involved he was still out of control.

One of them shot him when Brock put his hand behind his back, possibly reaching for a gun, and refused to follow their commands.

“Why can't they just shoot him in the leg or shoot him in the arm. They didn't have to kill him. I don't understand.  It seems like the police are killing everybody now,” said Bearden.

Police say too many officers have been shot during traffic stops so they shoot to kill.

Daniel Brock was not armed the night he was shot.

MPD has used deadly force at least four times this year.

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