Memphis Public Library Helping Adults Finish College

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(Memphis) Some people in Memphis are taking matters into their own hands to continue their education and make a better life for themselves and their families.

The Memphis Public Library is putting nontraditional students in touch with colleges around the area to help them start or finish their degrees.

“I didn’t get a chance to complete my college degree so this is a perfect opportunity,” said Barica Horner.

Horner started college in the 80’s but like many working mothers she never finished, “Marriage, children and being a caregiver and things like that. So now it’s my time."

Now the administrative assistant trying to broaden her options in her career field.

She is looking into local colleges to finish a degree in accounting.

The Memphis Public Library is helping Horner and other nontraditional student by plugging them in with schools at a college fair Friday.

“The college fair is a wonderful opportunity for those wonderful adults looking to enhance their college educational background to get better employment,” said Stephanie White with the library.

Twenty seven groups came to the fair including employers like the police and sheriff’s departments who can help adults go to school and work with part-time schedules.

“We want to make sure that not only are we providing them with resources to go back to school, but in the event they must keep working this is actually something they can do and go to school,” said White.

The Memphis Public Library not only wants to help you get into college, but they also want to help you find a job.

To do that they are hosting free workshops at all their branches to help you build your resume.

If you think that’s something you’re interested in you should give them a call and they’ll set you up with a time.