Shelby County School Teacher Under Investigation

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(Bartlett, TN) News Channel 3 has learned that a Bon Lin Elementary School teacher is under investigation.

Thursday afternoon, the Bartlett Police Department said they have been contacted about the case.

The teacher under investigation works with some of the youngest students at Bon Lin Elementary School in Bartlett.

They are pre-school children under the age of 5.

Tuesday,a  letter went home to parents from the school principal,informing them of allegations made against the pre-school teacher.

Following protocol, the teacher is on administrative leave.

Shelby County School officials are keeping tight-lipped about the what the teacher is accused of doing.

School sources tell News Channel 3 it involved physical contact and it may not the be first time for this teacher.

We confirmed more than one person accused the teacher.

In fact, we are told there are multiple allegations from multiple sources.

The school district says the reports were made in mid-March, investigated by the district, and the teacher was put on paid leave April 1st.

Since the allegations involve children, the Department of Children Services is handling the case.

The DCS findings will determine what happens next.

The school system says it takes the allegations seriously, but putting the teacher on leave is no indication of innocence or guilt.

DCS told News Channel 3 it could take 60 days to complete the investigation.

When that happens, we may be able to get more details about exactly what the teacher is accused of doing.