Lessons Teach Infants to Float in Water

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(Memphis) Memphis mother Tammy McKinnon put both of her children in swim lessons just as they were learning to walk., "If he falls into the water fully clothed, he can go up to the top and breathe and float until I can get him."

Her two children took lessons from an Infant Swimming Resource teacher.

Those classes start after their first birthday.

The children learned as infants to float on their back if they fall in water.

McKinnon said her mother has a pond and the go to the lake often so she thought the training was important, "Drowning is such a silent death that you don't know your child is in the water until it's too late."

For more information you can go to http://www.infantswim.com/

Teacher Tracey Beamish just moved away from the Memphis, but she returns twice a year to teach lessons.

Beamish taught McKinnon's children.

She can be reached at