Judge Denies Greg Davis Request

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(Jackson, MS) Southaven mayor Greg Davis spent tens of thousands of dollars on lavish hotel rooms, fancy dinners and exotic wine all on the city’s dime, but he says its ok because his spending is within city policy.

Now a judge in Jackson, MS says he’ll decide what’s legal and not.

Davis is accused of misusing over $70,000 in city money.
He says that number is much lower and Wednesday a judge denied the mayor’s request to throw out parts of the case against him.

“That happens from time to time in cases and we respect that and well move on with the balance of the case in May,” said Davis’ attorney Michael Heilman.

Davis’s attorney told the judge there are three specific issues at hand that don’t violate the law and he wanted the judge to go ahead and make a decision on.

First, the attorney says Davis never had to turn in receipts because he turned in invoices which showed the same information and it’s not required by state law.

Second, they say all expenditures were properly approved by the mayor.

And third, the attorney says there is no issue over his mileage reimbursement because city policy allows him to be reimbursed for ever mile driven in city limits 24/7.

At the end of Davis’s arguments the judge said he wanted to hear those arguments in the trail starting May 13th and he will decide how relevant they are when it comes to the law.

State prosecutors say that’s only fair.

Davis’s team says mediation is still possible to avoid a trial in may.

“There’s been discussions about that. It’s been discussed by the parties,” said Heilman.

Davis attorney says this is not a big blow he was just hoping it would speed the trial along and now he fears it will take even longer.