Father of family killed in Crump Crash with Officer Calls for Justice

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(Memphis) - A call for justice from a father who's family was killed in a crash involving a Memphis Police Officer.

News Channel 3 has learned former Officer Alex Beard was driving nearly two times the speed limit when he crashed into Michael Ross' family on Crump Boulevard.

The crash killed Ross’ daughter and her mother.

Beard was fired afterward, but he was never charged.

Ross said Officer Beard driving at such a high speed was reckless and his actions took his family. Now he wants Beard to know he suffers daily and wants him to suffer too.

“I lay down at night and I cry myself to sleep. Sometimes and I wake up with tears in my eyes because I miss my family."

Ross lost his girlfriend of 28 years and their 13-year-old child in an instant.

"One minute I had family the next minute I didn't. This man has destroyed my life. He took everything I love away from me,” Ross said.

Ross is calling justice for his family's deaths and his injuries that he suffers with every day.

He said the officer needs to serve time for causing him so much pain.

“He’s going home to his family every night. I don`t have a family to go to anymore. My family is in the graveyard,” he said.

News Channel 3 uncovered Beard was driving 94 miles per hour with no lights or sirens on seconds before the crash.

He didn't break fast enough and the data box in his squad car shows he hit the family going 64 mph in a 40 mph zone.

The investigating officer wrote in his report, "you were not practicing due care while traveling at that rate of speed."

So far no charges have been filed against Beard, and with everyday he walks free Ross's anger grows.

“i want justice for my family. I don`t see how this lady can sleep at night letting him walk away. I don`t see how he can sleep at night knowing you destroyed a man’s family and destroyed me.”

He has this message for the District Attorney who will ultimately decide Beard's fate.

“It is a hurting thing to lose your family, but there is a bitter taste when the person who commits the crime walks away from it with a pat on the back.”

We tried to speak with Beard Wednesday, but he didn’t come to the door. In the internal affairs report he did say that he was sorry for the crash, however, he said it was the other car that pulled in front of him. He added that doesn’t feel like he ever put the public in danger.