El Toro Loco Murder Suspect In Court

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(Memphis)  The man accused of stabbing and killing a worker at El Toro Loco faced a judge Tuesday.

Cordrius Arnold is fighting first degree murder charges for robbing and then stabbing Aaron Vasquez to death.

Things weren't always this way for Arnold who is incarcerated, no bond and accused of murdering a young college student working at a part-time job.

We found out that Arnold used to live with his mother and siblings in Hickory Hill up until a few weeks before that incident that got him in so much trouble.

Former neighbor Kyle Kramer says Arnold's younger brothers would help him rake pine cones in his front yard, “I am blown away. They are a super nice family.”

But they don't live there anymore.

The property manager evicted the family at the end of February for not paying rent.

They moved out about three weeks before Arnold is accused of stabbing Vasquez as he took out trash at El Toro Loco Restaurant on Kirby.

Arnold is accused of stealing his car too then bringing it back to the crime scene a few days later.

Sources say Arnold also brought back his fingerprints which crime scene investigators lifted from the car.

He doesn't have an adult record but sources say he broke the law as a juvenile.

A week after Vasquez’s murder, and shortly after getting the prints, police tracked Arnold down to his job on Winchester.

Witnesses say he tried to run and fight police, which put  him in the hospital and fighting more charges in court.

Kramer say it’s a far cry from the neighbor he knew in Hickory Hill, “He was a nice guy!”

Arnold is expected back in court on April 16.