Bartlett PD: Use Caution at the Gas Pump

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(Bartlett) - A scam has shown up in Bartlett that has crooks stealing people's credit car numbers at the gas pump.

It's known as skimming and police say it's happened on two different occasions already.

Getting gas in Bartlett turned into a headache for four people who had their bank card numbers stolen. The thieves hit without anyone even knowing.

"I'm actually not surprised," said Kellen Pruitt who was filling up on Tuesday. "You know, with the way technology is today, they can do anything."

Investigators say a skimmer was apparently placed inside one of gas pumps at Murphy USA in Bartlett.

"Somehow they're getting the keys to the gas pump, they're opening the gas pumps, they're putting an electronic device inside the gas pump, so when you run your credit card or debit card at the gas station, they capture your credit card number and or your PIN number," said Captain Marlon Jones.

He says the gas station is just as much a victim as the four people who had their info swiped. Victims lost anywhere from $250 to $850. All of the transactions were from Glendale, CA.

"The data that they get off of the skimmer, they'll get a card encoder and they'll put it on anything, like a gift card," said Jones. They'll encode your info on a gift card and they can use it like a credit card."

While you can't physically see a skimmer in a pump, there are safeguards you can put in place. Jones says you can always pay inside the store with cash or a debit or credit card.

It's something Kellen Pruitt is now considering.

In the meantime, he hopes police can find the people causing the pain at the pump, "[There are] people getting ripped off. You don't want that."