Two Students Headed To White House For Memphis Soul

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(Memphis) It's the opportunity of a lifetime for Seniors Adrian Williams and Stephani Brownlee who are headed to the White House to talk music.

"We were called down in the middle of our class and Mr. Sampson said 'you're in big trouble if you don't get these papers signed.You're going to the White House' and i lost my mind," said Williams.

The two will join other students from across the nation in a in Soulsville, USA workshop led by First Lady Michelle Obama.

News Channel 3's Alex Coleman will be at the event, talking with Memphians who are attending.

"A lot of people in my family haven't even been to the White House and there are so many people who are celebrities who can't get to the White House," said Brownlee. "So me, a student at 17-years-old from Soulsville charter school in Memphis, TN, to go, it's a blessing."

The workshop will focus on the history of the sound of Memphis Soul and feature input from artists like Justin Timberlake, Mavis Staples and Ben Harper. What better people to include in a conversation about Memphis music than students who have studied and lived it.

"To not only learn about soul music but to teach about the essences and the importance of soul music because being here at Soulsville, I'm right in the heart of it I know exactly the importance of it and how it makes people feel," said Brownlee.

The workshop and the concert will both be streamed live tomorrow on the White House's website.

The workshop starts at 9:55a CT with the concert to follow at 5:55p CT.

For the live streams, go here: