Files Reveal Ex-Officers Account of Night He Shot Teen

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(Memphis) News Channel 3 has reviewed the police investigation regarding former Police Officer Terrance Shaw, who shot and killed 15-year-old Justin Thompson September 24, 2012.

Shaw says he first met Justin Thompson a month before the shooting at the Flash Market on Winchester.

Thompson was asking people for money.

According to Shaw, Thompson said he was 18 and his mother had kicked him out of the house. He needed money to eat.

Shaw said he wanted to, 'help him out' and be a mentor, so he gave Thompson his cell phone number.

They exchanged texts and Shaw says he gave the teen money.

On September 24th, there were several text messages between the two.

Terrance Shaw said Thompson told him he was, "hurting" that night.

Shaw agreed to meet him and give him money for food.

Shaw says the teen wanted to meet 'at the same spot,' which he thought meant the Flash Market on Winchester.

When Shaw arrived, Thompson wasn't there.

Then, he received another message from Thompson saying he should meet him, "at my house on Woodale... ain't nobody here."

Shaw still couldn't find the teen and was about to leave when he says he saw him at an abandoned house.

He says Thompson wanted him to pull in the car port but he wouldn't because he was uncomfortable.

An unidentified man was on the side of the car port.

Shaw agreed to take the 15-year-old to the store, but Thompson appeared anxious.

He asked Shaw to take him back to the house.

In the report, Shaw says Thompson got out with a gun and told Shaw to give him all the money.

The off-duty officer says that's when he pulled out his own gun and shot Thompson.

Thompson ran away and then Shaw drove off.

Thompson was found dead a few houses away.

Police say Terrence Shaw should not have been mentoring the teen without contacting his family and they say he never told Thompson he was a cop.

Also, when Shaw called 911 about the shooting, he never identified himself as an officer or told anyone he had fired his weapon.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has finished its investigation into a deadly shooting where a teenager was allegedly shot by a Memphis Police officer.

Investigators found Shaw had violated department rules.

Shaw decided to resign rather than be fired.