Customer Who Can’t Buy Beer Trashes Convenience Store

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(Memphis) People inside a north Memphis convenience store were ducking and dodging after an angry customer starting throwing items across the store.

The clerk on duty at the North Memphis Market on Vollintine says the man got upset when he refused to sell him a beer without an ID.

The clerk says he was throwing stuff at the protective class he was standing behind and then started lobbing two liter coke bottles and glass bottles at a customer who came in the store to buy a sandwich.

"He was hitting everything," said the clerk.

The clerk says things got worse when people outside the store, who thought they were helping, decided to close and lock the security gate in front of the store, "We were in here trapped. We couldn’t get out until the police got here and broke the lock."

When police got there they arrested 29-year-old Kwan Adams and charged him with aggravated assault and vandalism.

The customer hit repeatedly on the head with bottles was not seriously hurt.

Adams has a long criminal record dating back to 2002.

He is locked up on $20,000 bond.

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