Unemployment Benefits Set to be Cut This Week

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(Memphis) Thousands of people on long-term unemployment will see their checks cut by ten percent this week due to federal budget cuts.  The cuts will impact 30,000 in Tennessee.

And if some state lawmakers have their way, in a bill making its way through the Tennessee Legislature will cut the $15 given to each dependent of the unemployed.

“The jobless rate in Memphis is above the national average. I think our jobless rate here in Raleigh area is about 10.2 percent,” said State Representative Antonio Parkinson.

He is hosting a job fair at Raleigh United Methodist Church Tuesday, April 9th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“There are employers out there that are looking for employees. There are some that are out there that can’t find qualified employees also.  What we are trying to do is bridge the gap and pair prospective employers and applicants,” added Parkinson.

Parkinson said with benefits on the chopping block it’s more important than ever to get job seekers back to work.