School Board Wants Your Help Choosing Superintendent

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(Memphis) The Shelby County School Board is getting feedback from some of you on what you want in the next superintendent.

The school merger is less than three months away and there’s no word on when a new leader will be hired.

The School board is holding five meetings in one day at the Memphis School Board office to learn what you want from the first superintendent of the Unified School District.

“I always thought when they had a search, they had in their minds what they were going to do no matter what you said or how you felt about it but now I’m listening and I see it really does make a difference,” said Brenda Abraham.

The search firm hired to recruit candidates for the job took notes of what people wanted.

“We need someone who's really a healer in this position to bring the city together,” said Lisa Siano.

Abraham added, “I'm looking for someone who is transparent, that's personable, that can speak to levels of income, the families.”

School board commissioner Chris Caldwell says they value all opinions and wants the public to know this is a decision that can’t be rushed.

On Your Side Investigator Stephanie Scurlock asked him if we could start the year off without a permanent superintendent.

Caldwell said, “That's a possibility. I don't think it's one that anybody wants but it's a possibility.”

Board members hope to have a superintendent picked by June but if that doesn't happen Commissioner Caldwell says he's willing to let the interim superintendent and his cabinet led the district at the beginning of the year.