Former Mayor Sentenced On Bigamy Charge

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(Marion, AR) Former Oakland Mayor Scott Ferguson’s was sentenced to a year in jail after pleading guilty to bigamy.

That sentence was immediately suspended, so Ferguson won’t spend a day behind bars on bigamy charges, but will be fined $350 plus court costs.

Ferguson married Megulina Mora on Valentine’s Day, making her wife number two since he was still married.

In past interviews the former Oakland mayor and preacher was very chatty with News Channel 3.

“That`s a good friend.  A good friend of mine and her family. At this point in time I have divorced, but I have since remarried, Ferguson said of Mora in March.

Now we all know that`s not true, but Thursday as Ferguson walked out of court he wouldn’t say a peep.

Ferguson hasn’t faced any time in jail for the misdemeanor since he turned himself in to deputies Tuesday.

News channel three is told Ferguson is staying in Jonesboro, Arkansas with his parents, but is free to go to Oakland, Tennessee where his other wife Lori is with their four children.

Meguilina Moras’ attorney tells me Ferguson never told her he was married when they exchanged vows.

Now she wants an annulment.

Moras’ attorney says Ferguson has until next Wednesday to answer her complaint for annulment.

So far he’s ignored it.

The attorney says Ferguson told Mora, who is from Mexico, all she had to do was tear up the marriage license and it would no longer be valid.

Mora believed him because Ferguson used to be a Somerville police officer.

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