Women Caught On Tape, Purse Snatching at Grocery Store

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(MEMPHIS) Lori Kuhuski said she was lured in by three women chatting her up on how to make matzoh ball soup.

"I did tell them if there were not cooking kosher they could save money by getting the Kroger brand," said Kuhuski.

It wasn’t until she got to the check out that she realized her wallet was gone and she left her purse unattended while talking to the three women.

"They seemed very friendly. i gave them my favorite recipes i look back and it appears quite foolish," she said.

Kuhuski was in good company, though.

"They asked me which olives i thought would be good in a veggie salad," said Rhonda Hestor.

She was just down the street at another Germantown Parkway grocery story when police say the same three women approached her.

"I pulled my hand off my purse and pointed to the olives. I thought would be good and they said oh this is great," said Hestor.

Police caught the women on tape at the Walmart on Highway 64 in Bartlett.

According  to police reports and the victims, the three women were buying thousands of dollars of gift cards on the dime of the two seniors.

Hestor is now on a mission she said. She’s warning everyone to guard their purse while they shop.

But Kuhuski has another issue that bothers her about that day.

She’s a cancer survivor and volunteers now with the American Cancer Society.

She spends her time trying to give back, since she has pulled through.

She often drives other patents to get their treatment.

“My wallet was stolen, with my driver’s license. There was a woman who couldn't have chemotherapy. To me that’s the worst travesty."