Whitehaven Father Confronts Attempted Kidnapper

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(Memphis) A Memphis father isn’t taking chances, now walking his daughter to school every day.

That's after 26 year-old Edward Hyman was charged with aggravated stalking and attempted kidnapping of his daughter.

Frankie Parker said his daughter first told him about the man who stopped her as she was walking to Geeter Middle School along Shelby Drive Friday.

He said the suspect then approached his 13 year-old daughter again Monday, “She called me from the school office and she was hysterical.  He pretty much blocked her path and he said a lot of unnecessary things to her and she really felt uncomfortable."

Parker said his daughter alerted him and school officials who called police.

Tuesday morning Parker decided to follow his daughter to school, “As normal I sent her to school, but I lagged behind. I was just about 40 yards behind and just as I was thinking I walked her far enough and I was going to turn around, she stopped in her tracks."

Parker said he saw the suspect, Edward Hyman, in the car his daughter had described.

Police were contacted and Parker said he confronted the man, “I want her to remain young and innocent as long as possible and being 13, I couldn’t imagine going to school to learn and being told… that’s a real hurtful feeling."

Hyman is behind bars on a $75,000 bond.

MCS representative Dena Owens said the school plans to notify parents today, despite knowing about the incident since Monday.

Owens said MCS decided, along with MPD, to wait to notify parents so they would not alert the suspect that they were looking for him.