Jealous Boyfriend Accused of Attempted Murder

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(Memphis) Two teens will be tried as adults after being accused of shooting someone in the legs over a girl.

The shooting happened in February, but Wednesday both teens were bound over to criminal court and one of them is facing an attempted first degree murder charge.

“Children don`t know how to stay in their place.  That's basically what went on,” said Charles Clayton.

Clayton says he stood on the front porch of his house on Malone and watched two seventeen year olds shoot another teen in both legs.

Police says Robert Lindiment Jr. and Corey Mitchell came up threatening to shoot the man because he was talking to the fifteen year old girl next door.

Lindiment is charged with attempted first degree murder, and Mitchell is facing aggravated assault charges.

“Some little girls and little boys want to fight over and argue over this that and the other with no reason for the shooting,” said Clayton.

In fact, Clayton says there have been previous violent incidents over the 15-year-old girl next door. She wasn`t at home for us to talk with her.

Neighbors say the girl doesn't live here full-time but her father does and she comes here about once a week to visit him, but every time she comes they can expect a disturbance.

Neighbors say they even had to put up a chain link fence to feel safe from some of the people who come over to see her.

Charlotte Clayton says the girl lives in Collierville most of the time, but when she visits there’s a lot of company, “There be a lot of boys coming in and out over here."

Clayton doesn`t like to see crimes like this leaving him wondering  if a bullet will fly into his house over a lovers quarrel.

He says it`s time for parents to take action, “I just wish some of these young men would figure out they are committing genocide. Shooting someone over a female? I mean really. You`ve got an attempted first degree murder charge.  Is that really how you want to start your life?”

The two teens are now being bound over to criminal court.