Shelby Co. Commissioner Compares Colleagues to KKK Members

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(Memphis) Controversy over the Ku Klux Klan rally this past weekend isn't dying down.

Now one Shelby County commissioner is comparing her colleagues to Klansmen.

“I do not appreciate being recognized in that manner from anyone,” said Shelby County Commissioner Henri Brooks in response to the way a fellow commission called on her.

She felt the tone of how were voice was said was inappropriate.

A clearly frustrated and fed up Brooks stopped fellow commissioners talking about residency requirements and caught everyone off guard.

“When you make those disrespectful remarks towards me it makes you look like those people the Memphis Police Department had to put on a bus and bring on Court Street so they could sound off,” said Brooks.

Chairman Mike Ritz wouldn't talk about Brooks' outburst, but is concerned about how commissioners are treating each other.

“At the end of the day it didn't make any difference what is said it makes all thirteen of us look bad and frankly if the public doesn't have confidence in the county commission we have problems,” said Ritz.

While talking about residency requirements other commissioners thought Commissioner Terry Roland was bullying them by saying approve his ideas or he's taking them to Nashville.

Commissioner James Harvey doesn`t like being made to feel pushed around, “Nobody runs anybody. Make your case and close your mouth and you may find yourself in a better position."

Ritz says the drama among commissioners could be fueled by the upcoming political season, “If they can use the county commission as a stump and lie as they will then I will try to keep that down."

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