Homeowners Lose Their Water, Forced To Move

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(Memphis) A $30,000 outstanding water bill has put some Raleigh homeowners out in the cold.

People who live at the GardenWalk Townhomes are being forced by the city to vacate  because it no longer has any running water.

In January, MLGW cut the water after their homeowner’s association fell behind on the water bill.

The Gardenwalk Council of Co-Owners says it didn’t have the money to pay.

“They said it’s because people were not paying the association fees, but I don’t know if they were or they were not. I know I owe, but I was not going to pay. That $700, I took that to move out with,” said Cheryle Coren.

Attorneys for the homeowner’s association say the problem is most of the townhouses  have been abandoned by owners and the association can’t generate enough money to make repairs to the complex or pay the monthly water bill.

MLGW says a leak in the condo’s system is also making the problem worse.

The utility says it’s willing to work with the association, but they’ll have to make repairs first.

Cheryle says that’s’ not likely to happen and she doesn’t think she’ll be moving back, “I know we’ll probably lose it.”

The homeowner’s association is scheduled to be in environmental court later this month.

Attorneys say because this is such a unique situation even the judge isn’t even sure yet how he’ll handle the problem.