Cause of Lewisburg Fire Under Investigation

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(Lewisburg, MS) Fire investigators are looking into what sparked a massive fire at a Lewisburg house, leaving one family with nothing.

“We know that it started in the garage area of the residence,” said DeSoto County Fire Marshall Bobby Storey.

According to Storey, the flames then jumped to the attic on Alexander and spread, destroying everything in the way.

“The people liked to grill, so they had a fish cooker and gas grill out there,” said Storey.

When the grill caught fire, it caused the propane tank to explode.

“That was the boom they heard,” said Storey.

Firefighters aren’t sure what sparked the inferno, but are hoping other families learn from it.

The Fire Marshall says spring brings a totally different set of problems when it comes to fighting fires. In the spring, people often grill outside or do yard work.

“The problem is people are putting their gasoline next to their hot water heaters and that can catch your house on fire,” said Storey.

If you store propane tanks inside your garage, “Spray it with some dishwashing liquid, if you have bubbles coming out of it, you have a leak,” said Storey.

Storey says those tanks need to be replaced.