What to expect at the Klan rally in Memphis

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(Memphis) – No free roaming in downtown Memphis Saturday.
Police have a detailed plan to handle whoever shows up.

The KKK will rally beginning at 1:30pm at the courthouse on Adams Street.
Anti-Klan protestors will be across the street a block away starting their demonstration at 11am.
They, along with anyone wanting to watch the  events, will have to enter through an alley between Jefferson and Adams, where  they will go through metal detectors. No guns. No masks.

Several streets around the courthouse will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians.

That concerns, Bonita Whittington,  the manager at the Claridge House Condos.
Friday morning she still had no official word from police on what to expect, so she turned to wreg.com to get a map and put her 155 tenants on alert.

“It can present a lot of problems since it is Easter weekend. If people are going to see their families,  I hope they let them out of the parking garage,” says Whittington.

Police cameras are already in place to keep a watchful eye on the crowd.
They don’t want a repeat of the violent outbursts in 1998.

Christine Campbell remembers the damage to her store.

“They broke all the windows, Easy Way Windows, Jack Food Store Windows,” says Campbell.

The store will be open Saturday and is hopeful there won’t be a repeat performance.

“I just hope it will be peaceful. Let them come make their speech and go where they gotta go.  Everybody else stay at home don’t participate,” says Campbell.
Police are concerned gang members may also show up tomorrow.
Different members of the Klan, who are against this rally, say they plan to be there too.
With the possibility of different factions showing up, expect to see more  law enforcement than just Memphis police.