Teen Arrested, Charged With Assaulting Officer

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(Memphis) Red, bruised and cut up 18-year-old Austin Babbitt looks like in a mug shot.

Police say the North Carolina teenager attacked a Memphis police officer, but it’s not the only charge that got him locked up over the weekend.

According to the police report, Babbitt was at the Greyhound Bus station when armed Greyhound security stopped him for what they claim was a strong odor of marijuana.

After a pat down the guards say they discovered weed and a digital scale taped to Babbitt.

The security guards claim Babbitt swung at them and somehow got minor cuts on his face.

A mug shot and a witness who didn’t want to be identified tell a different story.

“They slammed dude, he was a small dude too,” said the witness.

The witness says he noticed Babbitt take a swing, but only after the guards repeatedly punched him.

“When you see four or five people, that’s unnecessary roughness,” said the witness.

Memphis police arrested Babbitt. According to the report Babbitt complained his head hurt, so the arresting officer drove him to The MED.

The report shows Babbitt wiggled free from the handcuffs and when the officer opened the door to let him out, Babbitt punched the officer, took off running and broke into a building to hide out.

Now, Babbitt’s in jail on a $100,000 bond.

Greyhound tells News Channel 3, a surveillance video shows their security guards did not punch Babbitt, but reacting to him being combative.