Police: Teen Says He Felt Like A Hero While Stabbing Man

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(Memphis) A teenager police has been arrested for stabbing a man after a week on the run.

Eighteen-year-old Terrel Meeks faces several charges, including attempted second-degree murder, robbery and theft.

Police say last week, Meeks stabbed a man several times with a kitchen knife, puncturing one of his lungs.

It happened at his mother’s house in the 4500 block of Hickory Branch.

Tahj Spearman told police Meeks became upset, grabbed a knife, stared him down and started stabbing him.

Meeks was arrested yesterday at an apartment complex not far from his Hickory Hill home after he broke into an apartment there and robbed a man who came into the apartment to clean the carpets.

“I saw him right here they had him in the back of the squad car and he had a look on his face like I don’t know what’s going on. He was just out of it,” said Brian Johnson.

Police say when Meeks was arrested he was carrying a laptop stolen from another apartment complex two days earlier.

Police say Meeks bragged about stabbing Spearman saying,” I feel like a hero, and I really got him.”