Officers Shoot Shoplifting Suspect Outside Wal-Mart

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(Memphis) A police officer is involved in a shooting outside a Wal-Mart in Raleigh on Austin Peay. It started off as a shoplifting. The suspect is in the hospital.

The Wal-Mart on Austin Peay is busy with shoppers going in and out. There is no sign of chaos that happened here Wednesday night when Memphis police officers stopped a shoplifting suspect with a bullet.

Carole Fisher said, “I was kind of leery about coming up. I don’t come up at night anyway but it’s dangerous everywhere.”

A uniformed Memphis police officer working off-duty security for Wal-Mart says she saw a man shoplifting. The officer followed him out of the store and flagged down two on-duty officers to stop him. When the officers caught up with him, they say he struggled with them and refused their commands.

Officers say they used their hands and a baton to try to subdue the suspect and when the suspect went into his waistband and refused to show his hands that’s when one of the officers shot him.

Frequent shoppers like Carole Fisher say shoplifting appears to be a problem at the Raleigh store.

“We’ve seen it out here in the parking lot too, they’ll be chasing them,” said Fisher.

She added, “Most of the time they try to keep on going because they going to go to jail.”

Police have not named the suspect or the officers involved. At last check they say the suspect was still in critical condition.  Two officers involved suffered minor injuries.

Since the beginning of the year, MPD has had six suspect shootings. 3 were killed. Two wounded and officers fired on another suspect but missed.